Stunt Division

Stuntmen for films and TV based in Bulgaria.

Who we are and what we do?

               We are a full service action design team based in Sofia / Bulgaria, working both locally and internationally. The key to our quality servicing is the well-trained and well-rehearsed team of stunt professionals who are able to perform the most dangerous stunts proficiently and successfully due to their longstanding experience. Thanks to state-of-the art equipment that meets all the requirements even for the most unusual stunts a picture-perfect motion sequence can be achieved.We are dedicated to deliver best performance of stunts and action choreography.

               Our goal is to fulfill the vision of your creative and production team and bring it to life. We plan, develop and prepare all kinds of action scenes while working closely with the Director. We also cooperate with the Producer to create the best product according to the needs of the Production and the Budget.